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Our safe and secure BSC token rewards holder swith passive income by claiming 
BTC (Bitcoin)  through our Dapp every time our contract hits a threshold, then automatically 
sending in to the holders wallet.
In addition to this holder will receive auto reflections from every
transaction on the chart, compounding the rewards over time

Contract, Tax

$BitDogLtd - 0xca3a0f6f8ad3391d7e3b3bc003b8bf23d538d97b :
2% btcb
2% reflections 
4% - Auto-liquidity injection





BitDog Finance

Mine Bitcoin with our brand new platform to truly earn passive income from your investment!

Investors will have the choice between 2 packs,
Starter or Premium

Starter Pack
$250 BitdogLtd holdings
$250 Contract ONLY
5% ROI/Week 
365 Days contract duration

Premium Pack
$1K BitDogLtd holdings
$500 - Unlimited Contract
10% ROI/Week
365 Days contract duration


Holdings of BitdogLtd coins will be closely monitored, dropping below
threshold will result in contract pause/termination.

Threshold - Amount of tokens purchased to gain access

BSC addresses must be supplied to confirm BitdogLtd holdings.

Contract are locked for the duration (365 days)

How to enter
Direct Message @OD_BTCBullDog @MattyBitdog

Bitcoin mined is subject to price change due to market conditions


Every mint will have a chance to win 1 BITCOIN or 200$.
Golden Ticket

Public Mint - 0.05 ETH/NFT
1 Bitcoin reward for minting the Golden Ticket (only 1 available) 
$200 reward for minting an ULTRA NFT (80 available) 
**Prizes distributed once collection is fully minted 

Autostaking Passive income in wrapped BTC -
claim rewards via dash on our mint page 

NFT tax


45% WBTC Rewards

50%  Eth lp, Development of next phase ,

Marketing , Buy backs. Lp Injections ,
and to pay the Team .


NFT Preview
NFT ETH Contract: 0x337156242FA1FC88C4C5c39Ff4d875EAAD9b10Df
*All entitled prizes will be paid after the collection is completely minted
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