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 Founder and CEO

Sergiu Filip

"Blockchain and crypto technology is beyond anything else; innovation. But, most important, it can create solutions for real-life problems.
      I am very passionate about the industry and technology behind it; we created BTCBullDOG to familiarize users and investors with genuine projects while educating them on how to maximize benefits and earnings from it."

" If you don't believe it or don't get it, I don't have the time to try to convince you, sorry."

– Satoshi Nakamoto


Co-Founder and COO

OD - Crypto lover since 2017 - Hodler for life 

"I came into the crypto world in 2017. I loved what I learned, and I see what crypto can offer to the future of the financial sector and its limitless. 

I was lucky enough to meet Sergiu 2 years ago in this space, and we shared the same interest and passion for crypto.

We often spoke about creating a perfect project that was safe for all investors; an utterly transparent team was a must with a future of new developments that evolves with the task of sustaining and creating stable market conditions. 

BTCBullDog was born."


CCO (Chief Comercial Officer)


"I came here as an investor way before the launch. After many conversations with OD and Doglord, I decided to invest as I could see what they were driving towards. The way the TG group has grown into an incredibly positive and supportive community is what drives me and will continue to drive me forward with helping our token/ecosystem achieve great things this year. We are FAM!"


Bitdog Commander


"I've been I'm crypto for almost 2 years now and BTCBullDog is the only place where my money has felt safe. Trustworthy, friendly community with the most honest team in the whole BSC world, Proud day 1 Bitdog moderator"



"Been in crypto communities for around three years, been in many BSC projects which have failed. 

Glad to have been in this project in its early stages, all the team are super transparent, and our telegram community is the most supportive out there.

The safest project I've ever held money in!"

Community Moderator


Community Moderator / Gif God


"    Have you ever gone to sleep wondering if you'll wake up to a massive dump or a rug pull.. not here! I stumbled upon BTCBullDog at the pink sale, and since then, I have never felt so safe investing my money. Great Devs and a fantastic community surround me. I like to bring fun to the group and have a laugh. BitDog is paving the future for my family and me."  



Community Moderator / NFT collector


In all financial investments it is very hard to find people who you can trust and rely on with your hard earned money, that why I invested in BTCBullDog, because of the transparency, dedication and hard work put into this project. the success of this project is their goal and not self gain or fast cash.

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