Innovative protocol for passive income and 
Bitcoin Ecosystem.

About Us

We are creating the perfect ecosystem to sustain passive income and generational wealth.

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       Developing a cryptocurrency ecosystem for end-users as a platform module utilizing leverage cutting edge technology, merged with synergy between multiple systems.

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         We are foreseeing the future of Defi and Blockchain Technology as a free, user-friendly, and secure environment where every individual is unrestricted to participate having peace of mind concerning their investments.

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          To innovate passive income in the Crypto Industry and enhance security with project solutions that will provide efficiency, quality, and transparency mirrored in released  developments and results.


How it works

Smart and Protected

Our Smart Contracts are optimized to benefit investors and assure continued innovations through developments.

Audited by Third Party for extra assurance and security, we are presenting The BitDog Ecosystem through our innovative BTC reward Protocol.

Fast and User-Friendy

Always considering our investors we have developed the BitDog Platform to minimize frictions and barriers encountered by individuals and professionals looking to adopt crypto.



Trading On 

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      PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange native to BNB Chain. In other words, it shares some similarities with established platforms like UniSwap in that users can swap their coins for other coins without the input of middleman services.

The only difference is that PancakeSwap focuses on BEP20 tokens – a specific token standard developed by Binance.

The BEP20 standard is essentially a checklist of functions new tokens must be able to perform in order to be compatible with the broader Binance ecosystem of apps, wallets, and other services.
      For those unfamiliar with the workings of decentralized exchanges, they use a special system known as a computerized market maker (AMM) so the entire process does not require order books or a single, intermediary company to facilitate trading.

In essence, there is no need for an order matching system since traders trade against liquidity pools instead of counterparties. A liquidity pool in this context refers to funds deposited by investors – which can be anyone from around the world – into smart contracts to provide liquidity to traders.

With this system, buyers do not have to wait to be matched with sellers, or vice versa. Whenever someone wants to trade one token for another, they simply deposit the token they have into the pool and withdraw the other token they wish to receive.


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