BSC Contract: 0x448c7F4f733C33B5766F534F1fdbA80B954CE765
NFT ETH Contract: 0x337156242FA1FC88C4C5c39Ff4d875EAAD9b10Df

Minting is LIVE!!!

Golden Ticket

Win 1 Bitcoin!

Price per NFT: 0.05 ETH
  • Acquire one of our unique NFTs, and you will have the chance to MINT the GOLDEN TICKET, bringing 1 BTC directly into your wallet!

  • The lucky minters of the 80 Ultra NFTs will get an additional prize of 200$.

  • 25% of all minting funds will be redistributed to all NFT holders as WBTC ( After our Token Launch on ETH will be spread between 15% WBTC and 15% BitDog ETH)
  • 20% of all minting funds will be used to buy back our BSC Chart and Burn or Inject LP

  • Further rewards from all volume of the NFTs will go back to all NFT holders.

*All entitled prizes will be paid after the collection is completely minted
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       Developing a cryptocurrency ecosystem for end-users as a platform module utilizing leverage cutting edge technology, merged with synergy between multiple systems.

My project (1)_edited.png


         We are foreseeing the future of Defi and Blockchain Technology as a free, user-friendly, and secure environment where every individual is unrestricted to participate having peace of mind concerning their investments.

My project (2)_edited.png


          To innovate passive income in the Crypto Industry and enhance security with project solutions that will provide efficiency, quality, and transparency mirrored in released  developments and results.


How it works

Smart and Protected

Our Smart Contracts are optimized to benefit investors and assure continued innovations through developments.

Audited by Third Party for extra assurance and security, we are presenting The BitDog Ecosystem through our innovative BTC reward Protocol.

Fast and User-Friendy

Always considering our investors we have developed the BitDog Platform to minimize frictions and barriers encountered by individuals and professionals looking to adopt crypto.



Trading On 

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